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Right Tree, Right Place Program


The City of Glendale’s Public Facilities, Recreation and Special Events Department’s Park Division and the Transportation Department’s Right of Way Division (ROW) are partnering with Salt River Project (SRP) to remove hazardous trees located under powerlines in Glendale. 


Each year, SRP’s Vegetation Management crews trim or remove thousands of trees growing directly under their distribution and transmission lines that pose risks to electric service reliability and public safety. The Right Tree/Right Place program removes those trees from dangerous areas and either replants them in a place with appropriate power-line friendly trees or, when that is not possible, plants replacement trees at city parks or other street ROW locations.


SRP is allocating a $200,000 grant to Glendale which will provide three new trees for every hazardous tree removed within our city boundaries.  


SRP contractors will be responsible for the removal of the hazardous trees and planting of the new trees.  The City will be responsible for developing a replanting plan, grinding the stumps of old trees, Blue Staking and ensuring the trees have adequate irrigation.  The program is slated to be completed by late Spring 2021.


The City recently conducted a tree assessment program that geo-referenced all Parks and ROW trees within the system and evaluated their condition. This assessment, coupled with the SRP grant, will assist the city in executing a city-wide replanting strategy.


Informing our residents of this program is a top priority. As part of the plan, we will engage residents using our social media platforms, press releases and the Glendale 11 production team to inform our residents of the timeline and work schedule and to highlight the benefits of this program.


UPDATE:  The effort is scheduled to begin on November 9th.  During the first week 34 trees will be removed at three parks: O’Neil, Bicentennial, Grand Canal.  Over the next five weeks 40 trees will be removed from 4 additional parks: Heroes, Orangewood Vista, Memmingen, Manistee.  During this same period a total of 222 trees will be planted back into these and other parks citywide.  Once the park segment is completed work will begin in the R.O.W.   A total of 93 trees will be removed from 13 streets in Glendale and 279 will be planted over the course of the project.  The Right Tree, Right Place effort is anticipated to be wrapped up in late spring. 

Updated 11/4/2020 1:14 PM
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